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A little while back I wondered when I could realistically retire this magazine. One day in July, while mucking out the stables, I just decided that this would be the last issue! I know our regular readers will be sorry to see the end of Clumbers, and in many ways I am too. But I am so so tired of having to chase material for the magazine and even just double checking permission has been granted that I have decided to 'retire'.
So, yes, September 2012 number 127, is the last issue of this magazine.
Clumbers the magazine seems to be very nicely superseded by the social media world in the guise of Facebook - where owners are very happy to share images and occasional snippets of useful information, so there is no true void. Giving up this magazine will surely give me time to get those books I have partly drafted finished and to press.
With the release of Enjoying the Clumber Spaniel and one or two more titles readers will be able to claim the subscription price in discounts on those titles.
'Subscribers' will continue to receive occasional emails notifications of book publications, etc.
Thanks so much for your support for this fabulous breed over (wow!) 25 years (first published May 1987), see time to retire!
Happy and Healthy! Clumbers
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