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This is an immense book in content, well thought out and packed with information on management, care, and history. Profusely illustrated, hardcover. A simple must for any Clumber lover.


Irving, JE

isbn: 0866670572
hardcover approx size 145 x 230 mm 224 pages

Shipping Weight: 0.525kg


1 the Clumber Spaniel
2 development of the breed
3 standards and the ideal
4 getting a Clumber
5 choosing a Clumber
6 known and suspected problems
7 traveling
8 accommodation
9 introduction to the home
10 feeding
11 grooming and health
12 basic obedience
13 further education
14 founding a kennel
15 to breed or not to breed
16 the stud dog
17 the bitch
18 whelping
19 raising Clumber spaniels
20 exercise
21 selling a Clumber spaniel
22 the Clumber in action
23 the essential Clumber library

Jim Stockill (Tanelorns Clumbers, Canada) says: This book is well researched, thoughtful, and insightful. It will be of value to the dedicated Clumber enthusiast, the novice, and dog breeders in general

Ed Presnall (Epic Clumbers, USA) says: With this book, she has reached into the depths of her experience as a Clumber breeder, exhibitor and cherished friend of the fancy to unfold the story of the modern day Clumber, the aristocrat of Spaniels.

Bill Ironside (Belcrum Clumbers UK) says: I find this book compulsive reading. The artwork and reproduction are of an exceptionally high standard and I thoroughly recommend it to all who are in any way interested in this wonderful breed.

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