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DVD Showing the Clumber

SHOWING THE CLUMBER is for the handler who already understands the fundamentals of exhibiting but wishes to improve the impression they and their Clumbers give in the showring.

The topics explored and illustrated are:

1. The Set Up or Stack
2. Moving Around the Ring
- going around
- turns and corners
- finishing
3. End of class or the Winning Edge
4. Recapping & Getting It All Together
5. Puppy Class

For 20 years Jan Irving has been exhibiting the Erinveine Clumbers, and here she shares some of the refinements that make the Clumber a strong contender in the show ring.
Jan has primarily handled Clumbers in Australia as far as Best in Show on several occasions but has also shown and won in New Zealand.

there are several very old clips included so some video quality is poor, likewise sound quality is far from excellent

Approximate running time is 14 minutes.

This edition is in PAL format, the format used in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand - USA residents are advised to contact the store owner about wanting to purchase a NTSC format, it will only be produced if 20 orders are received -so order now!

HAVING TROUBLE PLAYING THE DISC? if all else fails try it on a computer, For Windows, I use & recommend AVS DVD Player it is free from AVS

all rights are reserved - this disc may not be copied or played in public
this is considered good manners & etiquette virtues Clumbers have so perhaps their owners will adopt them too
profits from sales will allow us to produce more informative publications at low prices

If it won't play try it on your computer using AVS DVD Player - see below

A couple of viewers have noticed minor jumps in the video when played on players bought before Oct/Nov 2007, however, the content is still comprehensive and viewable

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the disc

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