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CLUMBERS - the famous international breed magazine

Clumbers is the only magazine that gives you all the best information and news about the Clumber Spaniel from around the world - in a fresh, honest, and vibrant format, and richly supported by an extensive array of photos and illustration in each issue!

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Clumbers started in May 1987 as Clumber Spaniel Correspondence, and yes, the initial idea and first issue were dedicated to Australian owners; but from issue two (and ever since!) the magazine has been dedicated to owners, breeders, and lovers of Clumber Spaniels from around the world.The evolving media revolution allowed this magazine to tap into the fabulous experiences and love of beautiful things by people around the world, and to have fast delivery of the printed magazine, and of course the internet has open up more contacts and resources and allows electronic instant delivery of this top quality magazine.

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