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DORKING POULTRY FOWLS & CHICKENS by Jan E Irving [editor] Paperback: 171 pages Description: DORKING POULTRY, FOWLS & CHICKENS is the first book solely dedicated to the ancient British breed of poultry in decades, if not 100 years or more. Synopsis: Compiled by Australian breeder Jan Irving it draws on the expertise of top Dorking breeders from England, America, France, Australia, and throughout the world. Topics explored include breeding, feeding, raising, genetics, history, art, me 2010-05-26 more ...

GOAT HERD HEALTH by Barbara Irving BVSc

Essential reading for any one who owns a goat! This is the 2nd edition of the very popular and extremely informative Goat Herd Health originally published in softcover. This edition has been fully revised and contains many new illustrations and is hardcover. Topics include Signs of Health, Conformation defects; Basic Feeding; Vitamin and mineral requirements; infertility; Kidding; metabolic diseases; Nursing; Routine Care; Worm resistance. Irving has been associated with goats since the early 1 2010-05-28 more ...

RAW FIBRE - Mohair and Lincoln wool from the Erinrac farm

Brac is the prefix of Barbara Irving. She runs Lincoln Longwools and Angora Goats (mohair growers) - white only is available. Fibre is shorn every six months and the livestock are well nourished and cared for giving a free growing fleece that easily parts for spinning. Novice spinners may find the six month growth period produces a fleece length that is just a tad short for them to comfortably handle, but experienced spinners will find the fibre spins very nicely. Both the Lincolns and Angoras a 2010-05-31 more ...

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