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Erinrac Enterprises currently publishes two specialist magazines in Canine Collectables Courier and the famous Clumbers. Previously we published the Australian all breeds Top Dog Journal.

CANINE COLLECTABLES COURIER for everyone adicted to collecting dog things

Gives you the very best and most diverse review of canine and dog themed collectibles from around the world and from all eras. This is a fabulous and rich magazine with guest authors from across the globe and is going to keep you up to date with new items and affordable dog collectibles from all eras. Informative articles are richly supported by illustrations and photos. Ideal for the breed enthusiast or dedicated genre collector! don't take my word for it - judge for yourself, check out the 2010-10-05 more ...

CLUMBERS - the famous international breed magazine

Clumbers is the only magazine that gives you all the best information and news about the Clumber Spaniel from around the world - in a fresh, honest, and vibrant format, and richly supported by an extensive array of photos and illustration in each issue! don't take my word for it - judge for yourself, check out the past issues now!! click here to subscribe now! < 2010-10-05 more ...


A selection of some of the best feature articles from the magazine Clumbers. The book covers a diverse range of topics, including artists, grooming, working in the field, breeder reflections on the state of the breed, good breeding selection, history of the Clumber Spaniel, computer records, dogs that collect, how puppies develop, postage stamps to feature the breed, and what it is like to live with Clumbers. An excellent resource for a Clumber lover and still very interesting to other dog fol 2012-08-31 more ...

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