from THE DOG ATE MY HOMEWORK by Jan Irving (2015)
Reader level: intermediate
Review of content/advice: This is a classic, a worthy classic, full of great information and enlightenment. I read it many years ago, can’t precisely remember any snippet of detail without digging back in, but I promise you I CHOSE to keep this title and not surrender it to anyone, with a view to revisiting it one day. As McConnell’s website promo states,
“Would you like to know the secrets of getting your dog to come when called? (Act less like a primate and more like a dog!) Or how to play with your dog in ways that enrich your relationship rather than harm it? There’s all that and more in The Other End of the Leash, the book that, like no other, translates dog to human and human to dog. You’ll learn why the advice to “get dominance” over your dog isn’t based on canine “pack” behavior at all, how dogs and humans share personality types, and why the individuals of two different species have come to be best friends in the truest sense of the word.”
I do recall it is heavier going then her slim volumes, and perhaps not quite as rewarding.
Do I suggest you buy it? yes
Table of Contents:
Money See, Monkey Do
Translating Primate to Canine
Talking to each other
Planet smell
Fun and play
The truth about dominance
Patient dogs and wise humans
Love and loss