Club Show Sweden 2010
Lotta Olsson
Our annual club show was held traditionally over the first weekend in August, 6-7th. This year we chose to hold it a little bit south of Stockholm, at the estate of �ster Malma, the Swedish huntsmen associations conference center, which has very beautiful surroundings and is�dog friendly� with bed and waterbowl even for the dogs in the hotel rooms ! Our judge was Mrs Carol Page, kennel Micklemess, England. Last time she and her husband Chris visited Sweden was some years ago when Chris judged our club�s field trail so now they had the opportunity to see even how beautiful our dogs are! Not just good workers�
We started the event on Friday evening with an obedience competition, sadly there were just two brave ones that participated, I hope everybody has started to train their Clumbers now so we can have a good entry in this competition next year. After that the barbeque started and also �Cocos cup � which is a retrieving competition where the quickest retrieve wins � if the dog refuses to fetch the dummy you have to run and do it yourself, a lighthearted and funny and entertaining event.
Saturday morning looked ok, not too many heavy clouds, the weather forecast had promised heavy showers�But we were lucky that we just had a few very light showers during the day and the heavy ones were a bit delayed, the sky opened in the evening when we had the dinner (but it was inside�). We had an entry of little over 50, not too bad when we registered around 40 Clumbers in Sweden 2009.
Mrs Page looked very concentrated but relaxed when she started the judging First into the ring came the small ones, 4-6 months old puppies. She found her winners in the siblings Maggie May Emmet Cullen and Maggie Mays Bella, who became BIS Puppy and BIS Puppy -2.
Then time for the grown ups, always most impressive are the two champion classes, with many participants and there are many of them that have done a lot of winning at big championship shows with group placings and winnings, even a few BIS placements. Best of them came rom the dogs Champion class, SEU(u)CH Millijors Greve. The winning bitch came from the open class, Don�s Bacon Blues who became R-BIS. The owners of the bitch have just started with Clumbers (well known English springer breeders ) and had just planned to visit the show, not show, the smile on their faces was great to see!
By the end of the day all the finals were judged, I think it is great to be able to have so many winners of different ages and in different types of classes.
The Best in Show dog, SEU(u)CH Millijors Greve, called Elvis, had a great day with one more win, BIS tracking, Elvis is owned by Stina Masthagen and there were more winnings to the Masthagen Family, BIS working, SEUCH Westerly Gaels Soft Whisper, BIS Veteran CH Vreth�jdens Flugsvamp
(father of Elvis )
Also a great day for kennel Sugarloaf with BIS breeding group and BIS and BIS-R youngster
(intermediate). They also had their 10th anniversary as breeders. For the �new� breeder Maria Fahlstr�m, kennel Maggie May it must have felt like a great start, BIS and BIS 2 puppy and BIS progeny group.
Congratulations to you all !!
And to all the other winners !!
We finished pretty early in the ring so we had a good chance to take the dogs for a walk before it was time to get dressed for the dinner. The dinner was held at the castle, a delicious buffet was served in a great hall. The auction was filled with great Clumber items and gave our club a good contribution to our account, which we need for the next year�s special event, the seminar.

I will also take this opportunity to remind you of that we will arrange the next Clumber Spaniel seminar here in Sweden 2011. Mark your calendar and book a long weekend filled with Clumbers, Clumbers and even more Clumbers (and Clumber enthusiasts� ) it will take part in Gr�nna 4-7th of August. Saturday 6th of August there will be our own championship show which will be judged by Mrs Karin Brostam Berglund, kennel Don�s. Next day our traditional Club show will be held, judges will be Mrs Margareta Edman, kennel Clumbrolds who will do the dogs and Mrs Marie- Louise Almgren, kennel Welladays who will do the bitches. Don�t miss the chance to compete for a Swedish CC and to show under the people who started Clumbers in Sweden.

photos this report by Lotta Larsson