One really nice achievement that we can report from the Swedish show rings is that we have had many Group- and BIS placed Swedish bred Clumbers on our national and international dog shows this last year (2009).

NORDUCH Mingla�s Gubben I L�dan, born 2006-03-25 owner and breeder Kristina Andersson has been placed;
– BIG 3, SKK National My Dog Gothenburg 2009-01-05
– BIS 1, SSRK Mj�lby 2009-02-07
– BIG 3, SKK National V�nersborg 2009-06-07
– BIS 4, SSRK Gr�nna 2009-06-14
– BIS R, SKK International V�xj� 2009-11-01

NORDUCH AMCH AUSTCH NORDV-06 SE V-06,-09, Sugar Loaf Hertig Knut, (see page 9 this issue) born 2004-12-12, owner and breeder Annika �kerman went BIG 4, SKK International My Dog Gothenburg 2009-01-04, just before he left for Australia.

Another Swedish dog is SEU(u)CH Mahsai�s SG Flying Spycie Wind, born 2007-12-18, owner and breeder Lotta Lindstr�m. This dog has been placed;
– BIG 3, SKK International Stockholm 2009-12-13
– BIG 4, SKK My Dog International Gothenburg 2010-01-07
– BIG 5, SKK My Dog National Gothenburg 2010-01-08

From another kennel we have SEU(u)CH SEVCH Millijor�s Camambert, born 2007-09-10, owner Inger Olofsson, breeder Lillemor Johansson. This dog was placed;
– BIG R, SKK International Pite� 2009-07-05
– BIS R, SSRK H�rn�sand 2009-06-28
– BIS 2, SSRK Sundsvall 2009-06-07

Then we have Swedish bred dog but with an American father, SEU(u)CH Mingla�s Dunder-Karlsson, born 2007-06-08, owner Tine Niemi, breeder Kristina Andersson. Karlsson has been placed;
– BIS 1, SSRK Visby 2009-05-10
– BIG 2, SKK International K�ping 2009-07-19
– BIS 3, SSRK S�dert�lje 2009-08-22

Another half Swedish dog is SEUCH Westerly Gaels Soft Whisper (see page 29 this issue), born 2003-12-12, owner Eva Masthagen, breeder Ingela Barnett, and was placed BIS 3 field trial finals in SSRK Uddevalla 2009-08-30.

The puppy Merrows Chich�n Itz�, born 2009-01-24, owner and breeder Britt-Marie Olsson went to a SKK puppy show in Malm� on 2009-11-09 and went BIS 6.

It is so nice to see that Clumbers have the quality to stand out in the show finals.

SKK – Swedish Kennel club
SSRK – Swedish Sspaniel and Retriever club

BIS = Best in Show
BIG = Best in Group
the number indicates position in that line up, eg BIS 1 = Best in Show, BIS2 = Reserve Best in Show, etc