The Clumber that is suited for cross discipline competition – brains and beauty – most owners would not dispute that. Few actually get around to trying more than discipline, time restraints imposed by family life, or, alas, a lack of moral support when venturing into a new endeavour, sometimes outright badgering by ‘reputable’ breeders to not try – why shouldn’t some one try? Some people also live well away from other Clumber owners and have to rely on other breed folk to support and guide them. One such is Patricia Huskins in The Netherlands with the Swedish bred (from an English dam) Westerly Gaels Her Dreams Come True
Patricia is particularly interested in an athletic Clumber with good breed type and a clean certificate of health, she has managed to get an official FCI Any Variety Open Field Trial award, and this year has successfully entered the show ring too. As such they are both a credit to the breed!

For an interesting article on the working Clumber, Patricia refers reads to the Shooting Gazette story and readers’ comments at

photos of Ivy by Isabelle Ley, photos of Ivy by Isabelle Ley, , “She has helped me a lot with shooting over Ivy and Dexter (pat’s English Springer) and teaching me how to handle my dogs in the field.”