A is for the Angora Goat that grows mohair fleeces

B is for the Buck the pride of the Angora Breed

C is for Character and Classing the Clip

D is for Doe, Angora of course, the core of the herd

E is for Evenness of the flock and the fleeces

F is for Fineness of the Fibre and of the Fleeces

G is for Goat of which the Angora is Greatest

H is for Horns most magnificent and Handle of fleece

I is for Ideal fleece and flock member

J is for Just marketing and merchandise

K is for Kid of which the Angora is prettiest

L is for Lustre, Angora fleeces that glow in the dark

M is for Mohair that makes the Angora goat famous

N is for No kemp as in the best fleeces

O is for Oats to supplement the Angora Goats

P is for Pasture on which the goats browse

Q is for Quality of fleeces both character and style

R is for Resilience, a Requirement of mohair

S is for Silkiness and Style properties of mohair

T is for Textiles made from the best mohair

U is for Understanding the classing of fibre

V is for Vending both the goat and the fleece

W is for Weight an essential part of produce

X is for Xbred for grading up Angora goats

Y is for Yield so important to the future

Z is for Zegna the Count who promotes top fibre.