ClumbersCelebratedThis is a bumper issue – the fiftieth issue of the magazine now known as Clumbers, but then as Clumber Spaniel Correspondence.

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A landmark in Clumber literature, with some fascinating material, superb information, lots of contemporary and historic pictures, and some great adverts.
This has been reprinted by scanning and reproduced at 85% – there is some loss of quality in the text but it is still very readable; originally published on A4 this edition is published on letter


1 Field Trial Clumbers – James Darley
2 Winston’s Reading Room – Doodles Barker
3 Champions
4 The Clumber Spaniel – Teho Marples from “Show Dogs”
5 Clumber – David J Bradbury
6 Type and Proportion – Robbie Carnegie
7 Inter-Species Communication – S Budofsky
8 Clumbering Canada – J Stockill
9 Australasian Correspondence Awards
10 The Study of A Direct Line of Descent – Jan Irving
11 The Raycrofts – Rae Furness
12 Suomen Clumberit (Finland)
13 Clumbers and Other Spaniels – Peggy Grayson
14 History of the Clumber Spaniel Club of America
15 The Working Clumber Spaniel Soceity
16 Adaptability and Trainability – Gail Budde
17 Clumbrolds Story
18 Tails – Jan Irving
19 The Clumber Spaniel, Standard and Judge – W Ironside
20 Denmark – S Museasu
21 Spain – H Wakeham
22 Hip Dysplasis – Anita Roberts
23 Award for Versatility – Judy Hiller
24 World Show 1995
25 index to the first 50 issues