Dissolve in one (1) litre of water

1 teaspoon cupric sulphate
4 teaspoon ferrous sulphate
2 teapsoon cobaltous sulphate
1 teaspoon zinc sulphate
2 teaspoon magnesium sulphate
2 teaspoon manganous sulphate
1 teaspoon potassium iodide

use a 5ml teaspoon and use level measures

When dissolved pour over 5kg cooking salt, combine with an equal quantity of agricultural lime (this gives you a nice dry powder for adding to feed)

Supplies of chemicals may be obtained from chemical supply houses. Only obtain the salts stated as they are chosen for their solubility, their ability to be absorbed by an animal and the maximum effect from the minimum amount.

If you have only a few goats, try to share your initial purchase with a colleague in similar circumstances to defray costs. The chemicals are all stable and will keep indefinitely if store in dry airtight containers.