My first experience with print on demand services was Cafepress, I joined along time ago (I can’t find the info on their website), but they always sort of let me down, loosing files, ocasional quality issues in products, and then in 2015 they discontinued books (without letting me know … I guess the info went into a spam folder). In April 2008 I joined Zazzle, and their reproduction quality on ceramics and cards and prints was superb, their calendars disappointed me, so I ran the Cafepress & Zazzle stores together. I also joined Createspace (sorry, can’t find the date of this either, but I think in 2009) because they offered colour interiors to books, if not hard cover (Lulu was the leader here but my computer and Lulu never really got a long together). I joined Fine Art America in 7 January 2012 … still no sales but I linger because it is their slide show on my front page at

So I did a bit of research today and found (well refound) Red Bubble and found Society6, Red Bubble seemed a better fit.

Today I uploaded my two recent Christmas designs (I need to get my Christmas cards sorted now, it is August!), upload was EASY, allocation to products EASY even really easy to realign the image … brilliant … cost on postage of the greeting cards was really low … my order has been placed!

Check out my Red Bubble store

If I like the quality of the cards, I will place more images here and trial their calendar for the 2016 Erinveine calendar


update … I placed the Red Bubble order for the Christmas greeting cards on Friday, they shipped Monday, arrived Wednesday, in a crisp padded envelope, and they are magnificent. Matt finished on thick, stiff card, beautifully produced, the basic info on the back with the address there too. The envelopes are just envelopes but are carbon neutral certified. And they are also standard postal size … standard postal costs! And, my Australian order was printed in country Australia! Now to find time and get all my images transferred here, this will be my goodbye to Cafepress and Fine Art America, haven’t decided on my long term partnership with Zazzle, but I am sure it will be easier for everyone if I cut down on the outlets.

So upshot, new images on general products will be available through Red Bubble, new books will be printed by Createspace and most times available through outlets like Amazon.