This is a recent addition, from a working friend (with Springers, who actually died recently) it is the report from The Shooting Gazette of the Kennel Club All-Aged Stake for Any Variety Spaniels (except Cocker & English Springers). And can you see the results, bottom right hand corner? 1st = Clumber! and three CoMs = Clumber, and the Guns’ Choice, a Clumber!

John Emms was a prolific artist, and particularly of dogs, and particularly of Clumbers and most often apparently the Clumbers of Clumber Park. This postcard is published by Christopher Wood Gallery & Bridgeman Art Library, London, 1994, copyright Studio Designs and features the painting Spaniels Galore.

National Geographic, the American magazine won their fans with interesting articles and great colour reproductions of commissioned artwork – this painting to feature the spaniels Clumber, Cocker and Field appear in March 1919 and is by Fuertes.

From the UK’s Dog World Annual 2009, the portrait of AmEngShCh Clussexx Crayola Crayon on winning Best in Show at the Scottish kennel Club Championship Show in 2008 – the first for a Clumber in ages, and the first time a foreign born Clumber took out a UK BIS!

The Clumber cigarette card, portrait by Arthur Wardle, issued by Wills in 1937, one of a series of 50.

Offered at a Bonhams auction (sorry date not recorded, but a long time ago!) of a Clumber in the painting Birds of a Feather by Paul Jones, and English 19th century artist.

A collectable issued by the UK magazine Farmer’s Weekly, I think to be added to their poster, or it was cut from their poster.

A rather lovely double head study graces this playing card, there are no publisher details on the card, but I suspect it was published in Japan and may have featured different breeds on each card.

From Our Dogs Christmas Number 1946 – the ‘famous’ Gunnerys who actually are the cornerstone of the modern Clumber.

And to finish up this chapter, an address label for the American Club – sorry I can’t make who the artwork is by, and I feel I should know, but perhaps someone can let me know and I can add the information.