Not long ago I thought, hmm, I wonder if a Facebook group would be a good place to collect photos to share with readers, a lot of magazine Clumbers readers are on Facebook and a huge number of Clumber owners are active there already, so I set up a group to make it easier for folk to submit photos and stories to Clumbers.

Wow, what a response, 114 photos (one video!) have already been submitted, and there are some FABULOUS photos! I have left less than five out, mainly for size of photo reasons, and actually rather to fuss around and sort them into any sort of order they are also just given as they arrive and with the salient comment from the submitter.

If you are on Facebook you can watch the collection grow each quarter, just search for
Clumber pictures & stories for the magazine Clumbers
in the Facebook search box centre top banner – membership requests seem to be generally automatically accept and then you can submit your own photos, etc.


here is a picture of Jazzin Hot Sweet and Sour (Jocelyn) to start things out…we were playing around Christmas, and this is one of those jester collars, I thought it looked cuter on her head!! (I am convinced she is a princess, so it made sense 🙂 ) – Virginia Robertshaw-Wimmer

Judge Bertie presiding – Angela Riley

Sealumber Take a Chance on Me -Livia AKA ‘Fat Kid Running! – Izzie Hirst

Hi everyone: Lolek (VIS COMICA Kaprys Rejenta) can smile also here – with his too big mouth 😉 All the best from Krakow

And one more – here Lolek has about 8 weeks maybe…
– Iwona Usydus

Am Ch/UKC Ch King’s Valhalla – “Pearl” (left) 16 Am Gr. pts.
Am Gr Ch / UKC Gr Ch Whitehawk Nonsuch Wessex C – “Tater” (right) – Golden Heart Clumber Spaniels

ICH, CHSK,CHCZ, CHD, Briana Bohemia Clumber – Sofia – Stanislava Forejtov�

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Agnes Smal z jirkovsk� osady , ICH Briana Bohemia Clumber, CH Aiwin Miracle z Jarensjaru – Stanislava Forejtov�

Agnes Smal z Jirkovsk� osady – Stanislava Forejtov�

JCh CZ, CH SK, JCH D, CH D, Aiwin Miracle Z Jarensjaru – Stanislava Forejtov�

CUTTY DO MECO-MIMA JCh Serbia – Vesna Marko Misha Popadic

Adonis & Mima – Vesna Marko Misha Popadic

Kiara Helluland z Raj�lu 16.02.2000 – Stanislava Forejtov�

Pheobe is my girl and Esme belongs to a friend although I see a lot of her. – Ruth Shepherdson

ICH, CHSK,CHCZ, CHD, Briana Bohemia Clumber – Sofia, sweet Sofia – Stanislava Forejtov�

Am Gr Ch / UKC Gr Ch Whitehawk Nonsuch Wessex C – “Tater” 22 mo. old. – Golden Heart Clumber Spaniels

JCH – Bernadeta Pompadur z Jarensjaru – Stanislava Forejtov�

“Tater” winning Breed Nov. 2011 – Golden Heart Clumber Spaniels

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“Tater” winning Breed Nov. 2011 Owners: Linda Sidorovich & Moira Simmonds Handled by: Linda and handler Paul Levesque – Golden Heart Clumber Spaniels

Adonis CH SRB CH MNE – Vesna Marko Misha Popadic

Briana Bohemia Clumber – Allero Ray Siola Fantazie – Club Champion – mother and son – Stanislava Forejtov�

Briana this view I cannot resist 😀 – Stanislava Forejtov�

Walter 🙂 The Norwegian Prince of Drooling 😉 Nvch Int Nord uch WW-10 Don’s Super Solid Tank – Nina Johnsr�d

Laxford Enesco (Jago) – Steve Loveridge

Phoebe – Ruth Shepherdson

Nordenland Bertram (6 m)- Nadezhda Bobarova

“Karlsson, a very proud boy” C.I.E NORD UCH NO V-09 NO V-10 NORD V-11 Mingla’s Dunder-Karlsson – Tine Olofsson

Nigel…Breakaways Wing Man – Marie-jos� Pinxteren

Monty…Spice Twice Sir Cumin NL Kamp NVK JW’01 W’03 W’04 W’09 W’11 – Marie-jos� Pinxteren

Clumber Slumber…… – Cathy Chase

– Olga Soboleva

Benson (Laxford Faron) and Jago (Laxford Enesco) – Steve Loveridge

This is our beautiful Seymour Ch Clussexx Collaboration with Traddles – Adriana Patricia Jaramillo
(see Clumbers March 2011)

Kato Van De Hompele Pomp 1 years – Johan & Ingrid Vandeborg

Flying “Karlsson” 🙂 C.I.E NORD UCH NO V-09 NO V-10 NORD V-11 Mingla’s Dunder-Karlsson – Tine Olofsson

Freestyle 🙂 – Nina Johnsr�d

Kamiel Van De Hompele Pomp 1years – Johan &Ingrid Vandeborg

Korneel Van De Hompele Pomp 1 years – Johan & Ingrid Vandeborg

Waiting….. – Cathy Chase

Colby – Cathy Chase

UK Sh Ch Brauncewell Beamish (Dexter) now enjoying life in france, hoping to attend some shows out here when we figure out the forms!! – Jenny Arber

Millijors Clumbers: Millijors Camembert, Millijors Gorgonzola, Dons Bestseller – Lillemor Johansson

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Millijors Camembert!!”Rossi” owner Inger Olofsson Storuman – Lillemor Johansson

Millijors Waterloo Alfons owner Lena Hallin – Lillemor Johansson

Millijors A Star Is Born “Keso” – Lillemor Johansson

Millijors Fernando Weini owner Katja Millijors Cheddar “Ruttu” owner Eliina They live in Finland – Lillemor Johansson

Millijors Dancing Queen “Nova” – Lillemor Johansson

Carrie, Tweedsmuir Sweet Caroline for Cajuma Sept 1997 to Dec 2009 missed like mad! – Jackie Lawrence

Tia on right Tragus Tia of Cajuma and Lola, Tragus Ice Queen of Cajuma, Carrie’s granddaughters – Jackie Lawrence

– Jackie Lawrence

This is my first Clumber Ch Welladays Wicked-Buddha, he was born 1979. We called him “Grabben” – Tine Olofsson

Daarbjerg Von Siola Fantazie – Stanislava Forejtov�

Millijors Family – Lillemor Johansson

Millijors A Star Is Born! – Lillemor Johansson

Daarbjerg Von Siola Fantazie JCH CZ, CACIB, BOB, BIG – Stanislava Forejtov�

Millijors Svarta Sara “Sara” – Lillemor Johansson

Dons Bestseller My Friend Mozzarella!! The Start for my breeding of Clumbers!!! – Lillemor Johansson

Some of my Puppies in H litter – Lillemor Johansson

My first Clumber Spaniel : Don`s Blogspot (Buster) Almost 4 years now – Gitte Lunde

Female : Libell`s Love me Tender.. Two years in April.. Hip score A – Gitte Lunde

Libell`s Love me Tender (puppy) & Don`s Blogspot – Gitte Lunde

Beate & Buster – Gitte Lunde

Flying Clumber 🙂 Libell`s Love me Tender – Gitte Lunde

Millijors Hedvig! “Hedvig” – Lillemor Johansson

Millijors Mamma Mia “Myran” – Lillemor Johansson

Chervood’s Snow Atlas of Knott ~No�lla~ Born on 21-10-2011 – Suzanne van Bommel

Chervood’s Snow Atlas of Knott ~No�lla~ On the look out – Suzanne van Bommel

Jason can SLEEP anywhere! – Brian Barnett

“CLUMBER COMFORT” Paddy “Paddarotti” Pasty and Annica – Brian Barnett

Westerly Gaels, Nellie – Brian Barnett

Euridica Countess Siola Fantazie – 5 weeks – Stanislava Forejtov�

from my first litter – 2000 – Stanislava Forejtov�

my first litter – 2000 – Stanislava Forejtov�

Boomer as a puppy. I had been playing with Photoshop at the time, and the picture has been cartoon’ized. I love how it turned out though. – Michelle Koban

Bosse in the sunset. – Magnus Andersson

Fleur & Demi enjoy the morning walk – Annika �kerman

– Cathy Chase

my daughter and our beloved Agnes – 10.06.1996 – 19.01.2011 – Stanislava Forejtov�

– Stanislava Forejtov�

The last nap with friends before one of us moves to �land today – Britt-Marie Olsson

A mosaic of my girl Guin made as a surprise house warming gift by my boss Janine last March. – James Taylor

My sweet oldie “Thea” (Vreth�jdens Toppmurkla) She will be 10 years in April. – Tine Olofsson

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“Thea” sticks her tongue out most of the time when I trying to take photos of her 🙂 But I think she looks kind of cute – Tine Olofsson

Nastya & Aina – Nadezhda Bobarova

Togetherness, Karlsson & our beloved Magda (Vreth�jdens Pasta Fj�ril) – Tine Olofsson

Cutty Do Meco – MIMA 09.02.2012 – Vesna Marko Misha Popadic

One of my favourite photos 🙂 (it’s Walter!)- Nina Johnsr�d

Ooohhhh! Ooooh! ‘Clumbers on waterfront rocks’ the current theme??!!! My Trueman at about 18 months old or so at Olde Town in Tacoma, Washington. aka Ch. Cameo’s Dream Come True CGC ; my first Clumber, and the great-great grandfather of our 2011 pups. What a dog. Great dog. – Comedy Clumber Spaniels

Chervood’s Snow-Mint Of Melker, Claus Joakim – Sidsel Myhr

his is my sweet Colby’s mother, Chloe – Cathy Chase

First attempt at putting a photo on Facebook, so forgive me if this doesn’t work . We tried to get a nice photo of our Scarlett (Aust Ch Boroniahil Epiphany) and her litter brother Fabian (Aust Ch Boroniahil Balthazar) at a show yesterday after Fabian won Runner up Best in Group (Group 2nd) and Scarlett won Best State Bred in Group. However, things did not go to plan…

– Monika Heim
Andrea V�rtesi : Do you know that Buffy is the only one of his litter that stayed in Hungary and did not end up in the puppy mills of the US ??? He is one of the “famous” Golden Spotlight K-litter.

My girl, Dora- Monika Heim

Chervood’s Snow Pandora Of Knott ~ C A M I~ Feb.13th 2012 – Natasa Davidovic

“Diesel” moved to his new family in Trelleborg. Here we see him with his little mistress Miranda and her parents. We wish him and his family GOOD LUCK – Britt-Marie Olsson

Chervood’s Snow Pandora Of Knott ~ C A M I~ Feb.15th 2012 – Natasa Davidovic

Euridica Countess Siola Fantazie 11 weeks – 11 kg, although she is small her face looks like an adult Clumber 😀 – Stanislava Forejtov�