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I was inspired by … My friends’ Clumbers are often found in this blissful array and they shared some photos with me. I know my own dogs also snuggle together in a similar fashion when out or at home.

the owner of the original writes: “Jan, it is absolutely fantastic. We just love it. Right now it is sitting on the shelf above the fireplace and I keep looking at it! “Remember I was sending the card of your painting as our Christmas card this year? We had so many people commenting on it – I’ve never had that with a Christmas card before!! A couple of people think it’s so lovely that they’re going to keep it! I won’t be able to follow that next Christmas so I just think I’ll send emails!! Again, many thanks for the painting, Jan. So often the dogs lie like that.”

1 January 2016: this image features on the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association cover!