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completed : 17 March 2011

610mm wide x 460mm high

original available? sorry, it has been sold

Many of my paintings are available as prints, greeting cards, and sometimes other objects from Zazzle, if this image is not available there and you would like a product to feature it, please contact me, I can probably arrange it for you click here to check for what’s available to feature this painting

description: A Clumber bitch shares a peaceful interlude with her pups in a garden, before the pups leave for their new homes.

I have passed over all reproduction rights to Kim Smith McLendon of Clumbers in Need, items featuring this painting can be found at their Zazzle store

materials: Arches Hot Pressed 100% Cotton Paper
M Grahams watercolors and gouache

inspiration: I was inspired by … the joy a bitch has in raising her puppies, the delights of a lovely garden, the worry that must pass through a mother’s mind when her pups leave as it certainly does through my mind when I sell any dog. The work of Kim Smith McLendon through her Clumbers in Need only highlights the dangers of the wrong sort of people getting involved in breeding, yet, as responsible breeders we must not scare off potential appropriate newcomers as they may take up the reins of breeding when we retire – else the breed will die out.