If your Clumber club has reciprocal sharing of publications with magazine Clumbers or Erinrac Enterprises, then your club editor or delegate has access to all our articles for research/quoting.

Please advise me of any change of editor/delegate so access can be transferred.

If your club produces it publication in an electronic format, I am more than happy to receive it in that format to reduce postal costs for your club.

Usually there is no impediment to reproducing an item from our magazine in your club’s publication provided the whole item and ALL credits are duly included, and a note (with links back to this site) that the item ‘first appeared in Clumbers (www.erinrac.com) in issue’ and whichever issue it was.

A couple of exceptions!
If an article is clearly stated to have copyright on it, then it is important to gain permission from the author and other contributors, we do not waive this legal obligation – it is the new users responsibility to gain permission from the copyright holder.

If the item is in a closed/subscriber only section then it cannot be reproduced in any electronic format, but may be used in printed on paper publications.

If the item is not authored by Jan Irving then please consult me as to the likely copyright clearances and author/contributor contacts you may need.