Not a big volume, but beautifully produced in solid hardcover with full colour reproductions of the artwork being examined and often detail photos too. This volume looks at a cross section of the art in the famous Louvre to feature dogs. The text is informative and the selection of artwork is interesting and enchanting.

As a previous author of a historical review of a breed I found the content basically fulfilling, although I just wonder at the rationale in crediting some breeds to some artwork, but that is always a subjective task – I smiled while writing this as it is a bit like judges making the awards in the show ring.
However, for the breed historian, you could find something of particular interest in the pages of this 197 x 197 mm book, undoubtedly red setter lovers, and European gundog breed enthusiasts will, as will many toy breed devotees.
As a lover of fine art this book was also a pleasure to investigate.
It is an excellent gift or seek it out for yourself, the shelf price on this book is also very attractive!