from THE DOG ATE MY HOMEWORK by Jan Irving (2015)
Reader level: All, ‘how to’ to solve many major problems
Review of content/advice: Hurrah a book about how we behave and how it affects our dogs, not new, but a subject that is often overlooked, and something I should have built on more for my own training treatise. Her website states, “Dr. Yin is a veterinarian, animal behaviorist, author, and international expert on Low Stress Handling. Her pet-friendly techniques for animal handling and behavior modification are shaping the new standard of care for veterinarians and petcare professionals.”. The book covers a lot of ground and is one of those with a fairly indepth look at the modern learning sciences, if you can get through that, there is solid advice, although the modern broken layout style is a bit distracting for even me who has edited magazines.
Do I suggest you buy it? yeeees
Table of Contents:
Section 1 Understanding Dogs
Section 2 The Science of Learning: How to Modify Behavior in your Dog (or Cat, Horse, rat, …)
Section 3: Five Minute Guide to Basic Good Dog Behavior
14 Getting Started
15 Say ‘Please’ by sitting
16 Leave it
17 Watch Me
18 Walking Nicely on Leash
19 Paying Attention at your Side (Heeling)
20 Come When Called/recall
21 Teaching Your Dog to Lie Down
22 Sit and Down-stay
23 Go to your place
Section 4: Five Minute Guide to Solving Common Canine Problems
24 crate training and housetraining your dog
25 mouthing off: chewing and nipping
26 separation anxiety: canine style
27 dominance aggression: a struggle for status
28 food and toy and treat possessiveness
29 keep safe around kids
30 aggression towards non-family members
31 feuding Fidos
32 taking the bark out of Bowser
33 when behavior is not a problem
34 when to blame genetics