from THE DOG ATE MY HOMEWORK by Jan Irving (2015)
Reader level: learner to intermediate
Review of content/advice: Directed to the new puppy owner, this title is structured and a bit of a ‘how to’ book. Not huge at 63 pages but maybe a good primer for a new owner. The book has been radically revised since the 2002 edition I have, the table of contents I have given is from the second edition
Do I suggest you buy it? Not essential but great info
Table of Contents:
CHAPTER 1 First Things First
Special Topic:
Positive Reinforcement
New Exercises
Teaching Sit
Sit and Down Together; Puppy Push Ups!
Special Topic:
CHAPTER 2 Next Steps
Special Topic:
Play Biting
New Exercises:
Coming When Called
Teaching Stand
Practice Makes Perfect:
Sit and Down Revisited
Vary the Reinforcements
Special Topic:
Crate Training
CHAPTER 3 Please Stop Doing That! (Do This, Instead!)
Special Topics:
How to Stop Unwanted Behavior
Praise and Reinforcement
New Exercises:
The Name Game
No Jumping Up
Walking by Your Side
Practice Makes Perfect:
Sit-Down-Stand Revisited
Come Revisited
Special Topic:
New Exercises:
Take It and Drop It
Flying Discs and Puppies
Where’s John?
Find the Toy
Belly Up (Play Dead) and Roll Over
Handling Exercises
Backyard Agility
When Play Backfires
Practice Makes Perfect:
Down Revisited
Come Revisited
No Jumping Up: Phase Two
Walking By Your Side: Next Steps
CHAPTER 5 Raising Happy Confident Puppies
Special Topics:
Helping Your Puppy Conquer His Fears
Children and Puppies
New Exercises:
The “Puppy Pause”
Practice Makes Perfect:
No Jumping Up Revisited
Take It/Drop It: Phase 2
Walking By Your Side: Making Progress
CHAPTER 6 Adolescence and Other Quandaries
Special Topics:
Ah Adolescence!
Barking at Visitors
Other Dogs Have Started Growling at My Pup
My Puppy Urinates During Greetings
What About My Other Dogs?
Home Alone
My Puppy Gets Car Sick
I Know My Pup Needs Exercise, But How Much?
Barking: The Good, the Bad and the Loud
Practice Makes Perfect:
Turning Puppy Pauses into Stays
Walking By Your Side on Cue
What’s Next?
A Puppy Primer Summary