1767-70 Construction of Clumber House, in Clumber Park (3,800
acres), Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire, England.
1776 William Mansell (1746-1806), head gamekeeper to the 2nd Duke of Newcastle, begins his thirty years of Clumber breeding.
1788 Most famous Clumber painting: Francis Wheatley (1747-1801), �The Return from Shooting,� depicting Henry Pelham-Clinton, 2nd Duke of Newcastle (1720-94), William Mansell et al, with four Clumbers.
1806 Spain: portrait attributed to Goya (1746-1828), with an unmistakable Clumber.
1807 April: First mention in print of �the Duke�s (or Mansell�s) breed� (i.e. Clumbers) in �The Sporting Magazine.�
1834 Charles Hancock, �Lord Middleton and his Clumbers.�
1835 John Ferneley, �Blue Firs,� depicting Col. George Foljambe (1800-69) et al, with his Clumbers.
1840-1936 Involvement of British royalty with Clumbers: Prince Albert (consort of Queen Victoria), King Edward VII, King George V.
1842 First Clumbers in North America imported by British officer Lieutenant Venables, Halifax, Nova Scotia, from kennels of Marwood Yeatman, Stock House, Dorset, England.
1859 First Clumbers shown at any organized dog show,
Birmingham, England � by the Earl Spencer (ancestor of Princess Diana).
1860 Oldest known photograph of a Clumber (reproduced in Irving, �The White Spaniel,� page 75).
1865 First Clumber Spaniel Standard, by �Stonehenge� (John Henry Walsh, 1810-88), published in �Dogs of the British Islands.�
1873 The Kennel Club (UK) founded: Clumbers among first 40 breeds recognized.
1875 First Clumbers in any recorded US show: Springfield, MA, Jock and Flax, owned by Jesse Sherwood (aptly named!), of Edina, MO.
1879 Volume I of the National American Kennel Club Stud Book: five Clumbers registered in this first American stud book, later adopted by AKC at its founding. First Clumber named: �Bustler,� dog, white & orange (whelped Apr. 1868 litter brother Bang x litter sister Romp), bred by George Piers, Halifax, Nova Scotia; owned by Benjamin Smith, Kentville, Nova Scotia.
1881 American Spaniel Club founded, (symbolically!) represents Clumbers until 1989.
1883 First Clumbers arrive in Australia, from Clumber Park.
1884 Clumbers one of only nine breeds recognized by AKC at its founding: 4 spaniels (Clumber, Cocker, IWS, Sussex), 3 setters (English, Gordon, Irish), Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Pointer.
1888 Canadian Kennel Club founded: Clumber 9th breed recognized (English Setter, Cocker, Saint, Deerhound, Smooth Fox, B and T Toy Terrier, Collie, Pointer, Clumber).
1891 First North American Clumber Spaniel Standard, by Canadian F.H.F. Mercer, published in �The American Book of the Dog.�
1892 First Clumber (Alveley Banker) arrives in Netherlands.
1897 First Clumber arrives in Sweden.
1899 Field Trial Ch. Beechgrove Bee (bitch) winner in Spaniel Club Field Trials, England.
1904 The Clumber Spaniel Club (UK), founded by Sir Walter Corbet with forty members, world�s first Clumber Spaniel club. Preliminary meeting at Shrewsbury show; Club formally constituted at The Kennel Club show at the Crystal Palace, London.
1905 233 Clumbers registered in UK, number not surpassed until 1991 with 245.
1912 James Farrow, �The Clumber Spaniel�: first entire book on Clumbers.
1931-57 Squirrel Run Kennels, Delaware, of DuPonts � largest Clumber kennel in US history.
1967 First Clumber arrives in Denmark: Sefton�s Boy Wonder, imported by Lizzi Bauder.
1972 Feb. 14: CSCA founded by Eunice Gies with seven founding members, after showing of Clumbers at Westminster KC, Madison Square Garden, New York, NY.
Aug. 5: First CSCA Fun Match, Transfer, PA; entry: not recorded!
1973 Aug. 12: First CSCA Sanctioned B Match, Voorheesville, NY; entry: 13.
1976 July 24: First Clumber to go all-breed BIS: Ch. Neal�s Double Bonus, Ventura KC (CA); entry: 3,136.
1978 Aug. 18: First AKC Sanctioned CSCA National Specialty, Ann Arbor, MI; entry: 40.
Founding of Clumber Spaniel Klubben, Sweden.
1979 Nov.: Founding of first regional club, Great Lakes Clumber Spaniel Club, by Mary Ann Cianciolo � until Feb. 1982.
1983 First Clumber entered in AKC Hunting Trial.
Oct.: Clumber Spaniel Club Nederlands founded by Anna Linden.
1984 Working Clumber Spaniel Society (UK), founded by James Darley.
1987 International Clumber Spaniel Seminar, England.
1988 First CSCA Obedience Trial; entry: 12.
1989 CSCA becomes Member Club of AKC.
First CSCA Hunting Trial.
1990 International Clumber Spaniel Seminar, USA.
1991 Eng./Irish Sh. Ch. Raycroft Socialite (�Garfield�) BIS Crufts Centennial show, entry: 22,921 � largest entry in world to date.
First CSCA Tracking Test.
Aug. 10: Clumber Spaniel Club of Finland founded by Ira Sarlin.
Peggy Grayson and Rae Furness, �The Clumber Spaniel.�
1993 International Clumber Spaniel Seminar, Sweden.
1994 June 1: Clumber Spaniel Club of Canada founded by Sue Gariepy.
1996 Feb.: Ch. Clussexx Country Sunrise (�Brady�) BIS Westminster; entry: c. 2,500 champions.
International Clumber Spaniel Seminar, England.
1997 Williana Clumber Spaniel Club (grouping Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana) founded by Douglas Johnson.
Clumber Spaniel Fanciers of Michigan founded by Dennis FitzPatrick.
Clumber Spaniel League Victoria (Australia) founded by Jan Irving.
2000 Jan Irving, �The White Spaniel,� veritable encyclopedia of Clumbers in UK; called: �One of the ten best dog breed books of all time.�
2008 Greatest number of Clumbers ever registered in US: 280. Apr. 29-May 2: International Clumber Spaniel Seminar at CSCA National Specialty, Shawnee-on-Delaware, PA: 193 Clumbers (277 entries) � largest number of Clumbers ever assembled at one time in one place in world history.
Am. Eng. Sh. Ch. Clussexx Crayola Crayon (�Willard�) BIS Scottish National; entry: c. 22,000.
2009 CSCA 559 members, from 10 countries.
2011 International Clumber Spaniel Seminar, Sweden.
2012 Beginnings of a Clumber Spaniel Club of the West (grouping 5 Western states) by Jennifer Darcy and Jan Sutherland.

Bryant Freeman, Ph.D., is the current Clumber Spaniel Club of America’s Breed Historian