I would like to thank you the members for this appointment. It was fortunate that at this new venue (and with pretty decent weather) I could judge outside. So exhibits were afforded unrestricted movement. Unfortunately it was not necessary for a number of them. The breed Standard calls for ….’effortless drive’. A lot of the movement today was laboured. In classes where there was competition this was taken into account.
Heads were on the whole were typical and eyes were good. I do not have an issue with dogs showing some haw, it shows breed type and the Standard allows it.
There are still bad mouths. Why bother showing them? Though there were not as many as the last time I judged.
And since my last appointment fronts are no better. Saying that, my principal winners did not fall into this category.
So here is my critique. I never take into account what has gone before. I judge what is brought before me on the day. Saying that, I surprised myself with what I found and did. Probably, some of you as well!

Best in Show: Jefferies’ Jubilwell Whole Lotta Rosie

Puppy in Show: Howarth’s Arkview Jack Will


Minor Puppy (No Entries)

Puppy (2,1a)
1 Howarth’s Arkview Jack Will. Very typical. Pleasing head and expression. Straight front and correct feet. Nice length and a level topline giving a balanced outline. Moved OK but needs to tighten behind, has time on his side. Best PD and BPIS.
Junior (3)
1 Boden’s Tweedsmuir Klassic Edition Among Suelynda. Liked his head, expression and clean eyes. Good length of neck and shoulders. Down on his pasterns. Pleasing outline and moved well.
2 Queen’s Tweedsmuir Klass Act. Littermate to 1 and similar comments apply. Preferred front and rear movement of his brother.
3 Sutherland’s Eilandon Tom Pink.

Maiden (No Entries)


Graduate (2,1a)
1 Cornwell’s Theannaareth Emerald. Stood alone. Rather plain in head. Clean eyes. Good length. Well presented. Lacking condition and as a result moved lethargically.

Post Graduate (4,1a)
1 Armitage’s Nakuru Out Of The Ashes. Liked him. Typical head and expression. Straight front. Clean shoulders. Nice length giving a balanced outline. Good hindquarters. Moved well. One I will watch with interest.
2 Page’s Micklemess Belvedere. A little plain in head. Good front. Rather short in body which gives the impression of being long on the leg. Moved well and in great condition.
3 Ironside & Davy’s Tavirosh Another Donald.

Limit (10,3a)
1 Howarth’s Arkview The Thinker. Really good head and very typical expression. Overall, difficult to fault. Still has some growing up to do and when he does will do well. Knocking on the door already. To nitpick I would like to see him carry his tail better. RCC.
2 Taylor’s Jubilwell Riff Raff For Maursett. One I have watched with interest and I was delighted to go over him. The best of heads and expression. Another very typical example and again difficult to fault. Great movement and shown in good condition.
3 Brookshaw’s Spice Twice Sir Tristan By Anbrook.
4 Bigham’s Tweedsmuir Golden Gun
5 Brawn’s Anbrook Moutbatten of Theannareh

Open (7,1a)
1 Gagnebeck’s NORD RU CH Minglas‟s Gubben I Ladan. Loved this guy. Took my eye when he entered the ring as he never stopped showing. Head,expression,shoulders,front, length & hindquarters were a joy to go over. The best of movers. Sorry, but he looks better when not being baited or strung up. DCC & BOS.
2 Akerman’s NORD, US, AUST CH Sugar Loaf Hertig Knut. Another that took my eye. Typical head. Straight front and correct feet. Strong, well muscled frame with powerful hindquarters. Moved well but I kept thinking he was just not quite 100% sound. Maybe my eyes! Once again, looked better when not strung up.
3 Stoop’s Wymeswold Clyde Doodles.
4 Staley’s Tweedsmuir Polar Ice
5 Arber’s Brauncewell Beamish

Veteran (4)
1 W Clyde Doodles. Stood 3rd in OD. This class was all his. A dog I have always admired. His head and expression are faultless. Straight front, well laid back shoulders and good length. Well muscled and moved well. BV.
2 Bowers’ SH CH Marchlands Blues �N Twos. Another favourite of mine and looking good today, better than he has for some time. So typical. Good head and expression. Balanced throughout. Moved well.
3 Thorogood’s Marchlands Catch Me If You Can Of Harriefield.
4 Monaghan’s Sh Ch Tweedsmuir White Hunter

Special Working (1)
1 M Belvedere.
Beginners (No Entries)


Minor Puppy (1)
1 Drakeford’s Soloman’s Hollow Mathilda. Very much a baby. Sweet head. Good bone and in good condition. Moved OK.

Puppy (2)
1 Jefferies’ Jubilwell Jingle Bells. Nice head and expression. Correct front. Of course she needs to mature but it is there for the making. Moved with purpose. Best PB.
2 Nesbitt’s Jubilwell Snowflake At Charbrouille. Litter sister and once again similar comments apply. At this stage she is more mature but has a fault which I had to take into consideration.

Junior (4,1a)
1 Donnellan’s Tweedsmuir Klassique At Gardenstone. Looks mature for her age. Good head. Well off for bone. Strong hindquarters for one so young. Moved well.
2 Sutherland’s Eilandon Pink Satin. Liked her head. . Good body and length. Hindquarters were rather weak. Well handled and presented.
3 Scaife’s Laceygunn Ardbeg Stil Young At Saffrarnie.

Maiden (1)
1 Drakeford’s Clumberden Famara. Reasonable head. Has length and well bodied. In standing her profile is pleasing but let all down on the move.

1 Hirst’s Sealumber Take A Chance On Me. Typical expression. Well off for bone. Good front and strong feet. Looked OK in outline but carrying too much weight. Moved OK.
2 L Ardbeg Stil Young At S. Very immature. Pleasing head. Nice outline. Rear movement was rather a concern.

Graduate (2)
1 S Take A Chance On Me.
2 Brawn‟s Theannaareh Cinnabar. Another rather plain in head and carrying too much weight. Looked as though she was not enjoying her day.

Post Graduate (6)
1 Armitage’s Nakuru Destiny‟s Child. Liked her probably more than her brother (1st in PGD). Similar comments, yet again! She is looking a bit leggy and I hope she will not end up too big. But there is quality there and I am sure will have a great future.
2 Ironside’s Purland Willamena. Typey. A lot to like and when she settles and understands what she needs to do should do well. Nice type. When she did settle on the move it was good.
3 Hirst’s S Take A Chance On Me.
4 Brawn’s Theannaareh Cinnabar
5 Brookshaw’s Anbrook Scarborough Fair

Limit (7,1a)
1 Jefferies’ Jubilwell Whole Lotta Rosie. Well, like my DCC she came into the ring and caught my eye. Never stopped showing. Went over her and was so impressed. Maybe I would like a little bit more of this and that but she is a Clumber bitch that fits the new Standard. A lot has been written about her and now I know why. BCC (her 3rd) and BIS.
2 Monaghan’s Annbrook Masquerade To Tweedsmuir. My type but have seen her look much better. Rather portly today, but thankyou for bringing her.
3 Page’s Micklemess Buzy Lizzie.
4 Croft’s Mickelmess Bella Rosa
5 Pettitt’s Clumbess Crackling Rose at Cefnithon

Open (6,4a)
1 Boden’s SH CH Tweedsmuir Beautiful Dream Among Suelynda. Another one that so much has been written about. So pleased that she is becoming an ambassador for the breed. Full of quality and type but today was carrying too much weight (cut out the celebrations?). Never stopped showing and moved well. RCC and RBIS.
2 Stoop‟s Companionways Taking No Bull. Liked her. Typical head. Straight front but down on her pasterns. Very strong hindquarters which showed in good driving movement.

Veteran (4)
1 Nesbitt’s Elvandar Wax Lyrical Over Chabrouille. Not showing her age at all. Sweet expression. In good condition. Moved well.
2 Sutherland’s SH CH Eilandon Aonacheagach. Another looking well and enjoying her day out. In great coat and well presented. Moved OK.
3 Howarth’s SH CH Tweedsmuir White Orchid At Arkview.
4 Croft‟s Belcrum The Ale Wife

Special Working (1)
1 M Busy Lizzie. Stood 3rd in LB. Reasonable head but a truly feminine expression. Good bone. Pleasing outline. Probably the fittest Clumber here today. Moved typically.
Beginners (No Entries)

Brace (8,1a)
1 Jefferies. My BIS and Best PB. Mother and daughter looking great together. Never stopped showing and moved in tandem..
2 Armitage. Littermates and both class winners today
3 Boden. Tweedsmuir Beautiful Dream Among Suelynda JW
Tweedsmuir Klassic Edtion Among Suelynda
4 Sutherland’s Eilandon Tom Pink & Eilandon Pink Satin
5 Brawn’s Anbrook Moutbatten of Theannaareh &Theannaareh Cinnabar

Stud Dog (1)
1 Monaghan’s SH CH Tweedsmuir White Hunter.
Brood Bitch (3,1a)
1 A Masquerade To T.
2 SH CH T White Orchid At A.

report and critique courtesy Clumber Spaniel Club – Clumber Clips Autumn-Winter 2010