Ah, another issue comes to rest on publication – I actually approached this one thinking, what a lot of work to do, and I took a week’s “holiday” too – urrrh. But I was wrong, while interviewees seem to shy away from my questions, Craig Crouch tackled the job, and I had one or two other projects well underway that quickly came together. So, unlike in the ‘printed on paper’ days where content had to be limited per issue, I think you will find we have a big issue this round. And I see a few gems of articles tucked away to use in future issues too.

BUT, if you have a story to share (and you don’t need to be a subscriber to share news!), or want to review a group’s online chatter, whatever, get fingers to keyboard. The more writers, the better the cross-section of stories and reports and information resources.

The last couple of issues I have been fairly generous in free, open access, this time, the stories are so good, and involved quite a bit of work, that there are less open access stories, but subscription rates are rock bottom – so I am sure most will excuse me taking this line this issue. We all have to live within our means, and publication, even online, costs money – and I do have to feed some Clumbers – smile.

Happy Clumbering
Jan Irving

cover photo by John Woodlief
SR CH Celtic’s Great Gatsby WDX, JH, SH, MH (Call name: Zelda)
Owner: Cathy Vinzant

hopefully we will get the final picture for the Craig Crouch interview soon, just check by that page soon