Here is a selection of journals and planners I have used and developed over the years.

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Poultry Breeder Records The Journal

This is ideal for day to day records of your flock, whether you are a breeder, or a poultry lover. The sections include year planners so you can keep on top of the annual or monthly health tasks, identification ideas, club membership log, notes on identification, grading, and of course, the journal pages. The total book is 137 pages, tons of journal pages will last you a LONG time.

Poultry Breeder Hatch Records

An essential tool often overlooked by breeders, this book allows you to keep your incubation and hatch results in one volume to cross reference and review valuable breeding information from hatch to hatch, and year to year. Enough space for over 340 settings!

Poultry Breeder Flock Assessments & Notes

Another completely useful record book, this one is designed to allow you to assess and review your whole flock, part of a flock, even hatches to give you a clear overview of faults and virtues. It is designed for all breeds, and allows you to choose what parts to assess. Due to the flexibility of this book you could record details on 2900 birds! If you have bolder writing there are still ample pages available to consider records for over 900 birds.

Poultry Breeder Individual Assessments and Notes

A definite must for the breeder wanting to gain quality with each generation. You cannot not go forward if you don’t know where you are starting from. This volume is a general all breeds record of your individual birds, covering important issues such as breed type, faults, virtues, sibling assessment, laying ability, etc. With room for detailed notes and assessment for 100 birds.