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Description: An exceptional and practical guide to breeding quality dogs.

Synopsis: Designed and written for the newcomer and experienced alike, Barbara Irving builds on her extensive experience with dogs, and other animals, to record a multitude of sound breeding points and practical experience, which is delivered in her noted easy-to-read style. The table of contents proves the range of subjects covered; and the illustrations and tables have been carefully chosen to complement the text. Written primarily for Australians, it is still of immense value worldwide & covers natural style feeding

Table of Contents:
1 Why breed dogs
2 selection of a breed
3 the furute brood bitch
4 preparing your bitch for the future
5 inheritance and environment
6 breeding systems
7 record keeping
8 selecting a sire
9 the dog at public stud
10 the in season bitch
11 the mating
12 management of the pregnant bitch
13 whelping quarters
14 whelping
15 reviving puppies
16 the first ten days
17 fostering and hand raising pupies
18 docking and dew claw removal
19 gradual process of weaning
20 weaning quarters
21 terminating the bitch’s lactation
22 the weaned puppies
23 puppy review
24 permanent identification
25 vaccination
26 puppy kennels and yards
27 care of puppies to point of sale
28 the puppy to run on
29 what about the other puppies?
30 suitability of applicants to buy
31 legal points about puppy sales
32 guarnatees, warranties, contracts, leases, etc
33 infertility and sterility
34 dog breeders: take note
35 appendix: feeding recommendations for breeding dogs

Product Details:

· Paperback: 254 pages
· Binding: Perfect
· Publisher: Erinrac Enterprises (January 2004)
· ISBN: 0958665524

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