This is an in-depth look at presenting your Clumber at his best in the show ring.

Emphasis is on showing in Australia, New Zealand, UK, and Europe

Richly illustrated with detailed supporting text and examples.

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Chapter 1

Let’s show ’em! 11

The concept behind this book 12

Chapter 2

Moving: the straight line 15

The straight line is important! 17

Drive 19

Chapter 3

Moving: Through Corners 25

Chapter 4

Moving: 180 degree turn;
the out and back 31

More turn about options 35

Turnabout on mats 36

Right-hand Heeling 37

Out and back together 38

Chapter 5

Moving: The Stop Point 39

The moving judge 42

Chapter 6

Gaiting: speed 45

On the day 45

How fast? 46

Not all Clumbers are created the same 47

Chapter 7

Stand! 49

Chapter 8

The Show Stand: Needs to be good 53

Is your dog ready for the show ring? 56

A beautiful pose from all points of the compass 57

Chapter 9

Stand: The Stack 59

Skills you need 60

Understand the profile/silhouette 60

Quiet reassurance 61

Where to place your hands and body 61

How to use your hands 61

What senses you can engage to help you 63

How to stack 63

Let me run through this again … 70

Other stacking options 74

Places to handle limbs to position them 74

Finishing notes 76

Chapter 10

Stand: Free stand 79

Look Mum, no hands! 79

Teaching the free stand 85

The free stand for examination 88

Chapter 11

Stand: the tail 93

Chapter 12

Stand: Finessing 99

Chapter 13

Transition from stand to gait 103

Chapter 14

Leads 105

How tight should the lead be? 105

How tight do I clasp the lead? 107

Where to place the lead on the dog 109

Your goal 109

If the lead is longer than you actually need 110

The stand 110

Lead colour 110

Head collar type leads 111

Chapter 15

Background clutter 113

Chapter 16

Coat health and grooming 119

Coat 120

Ensure your dog is clean and coat is knot free 121

Shampooing 121

Washing 122

Grooming Tools 124

Trimming 125

Out of alignment 126

Trimming to effect 128

Chapter 17

Being prepared 133

Expect the unlikely and unexpected 139

Chapter 18

Stay safe 143

Chapter 19

Life Fit 147

Make sure your dog is physically fit and conditioned 147

Gym work 147

Important! 148

Proprioception 148

Stretching 150

Overall lifestyle 151

Further Fitness Reading and Viewing. 152

Chapter 20

Gaiting: fixes 153

The Straight Lines 153

ISSUE: If the dog’s head turns towards me 153

ISSUE: The dog is gaiting with his hindquarters away from me, so appears to be travelling at an angle with head in towards me 153

ISSUE: Dog travels with his forehand away from you and the tail end closer to you 155

Corners and Turns 158

ISSUE: Leaning in on left turn corners 158

ISSUE: Swinging wide on turns 158

ISSUE: Completing a turnabout me or about the dog on a running mat 159

ISSUE: The dog often shakes his head when we are gaiting 159

ISSUE: Topline sagging on the move 160

Chapter 21

Speed: fixes 161

Too fast 161

ISSUE: Too Fast – within the ring 161

Eliminate Too Fast, anywhere,
with training and experience 162

Too Slow 165

ISSUE: Sluggish, dragging, head hung – within the ring 165

Eliminate Too Slow, anywhere,
with training and experience 166

Chapter 22

Stand: fixes 167

ISSUE: Constantly breaks away from the stand 167

ISSUE: A-framing or rocking horse stance 167

ISSUE: The croup higher than withers (raking) or a sway in the topline 168

Chapter 23

Sharing the joy 169

Photos 169

Focus 170

Crop 170

Rotate 170

Exposure 170

Colour Temperature 170

Words 171

Closing thoughts 172

Excellent resources 173

Naming this book 174

The author 175

Featured stars 176