Need a book review on your horse book or horse dvd or your dog book or dog dvd? I love reading and I love to share the best titles with other folk so I have always enjoyed reviewing, and now I am ready to start doing this again!

cost to you: If you send me (at no cost) a hard copy (NO ELECTRONIC FILES ACCEPTED) of your dog or horse themed book or DVD with no return expectations

language: English only, that’s my limitation, not yours!

what you get: a digital text review sent via email you can share to publications or on social media, with appropriate credit to me as reviewer. I may also choose to run the same review on my website or social media accounts

will I review any title: I will not review a title if there is coarse language or inappropriate (in my eyes) treatment of animals.

what happens to the review copy you sent me: If I don’t feel the book/DVD would complement my own collection I reserve the right to pass the review copy of dog titles to Dogs Victoria Library, a favourite club to use for fundraising, or at some stage if I choose to offer the review copy for sale. If I feel the title promotes cruelty, bad management, etc I will destroy the title.

genre I particularly enjoy: art, novels, juvenile titles, picture books, compassionate training and rearing

likely turnaround time: 4 weeks, may be longer, may be shorter

where to send: mail to Jan Irving (for review), PO Box 381, Narre Warren North, V, 3804, Australia

include: a copy of the title to review (yeah, ok, figured that), likely places of supply, your email address, date you would like the review by (I will try to oblige)!