This is a story of a new artist, drawn into art by Clumbers. Her work is light, fresh, sparkling, and often really delightful, but always with a freshness. I am going to let Lainey tell her own story. Lainey is available for very reasonably priced commissions.

“What appeals to me about Clumbers is their complete joy for life. They are tender hearted clowns. They have been simply the greatest joy of my life.
“I could spend all my time painting Clumbers. They have completely stolen my heart.
“I have not had any training. I was quite ill with a debilitating illness for some time. I just found my way to become my true self. I had not drawn since childhood. Much of what I paint is by intuition.

Three Dawg Nite

“One of my favourite pieces is Three Dawg Nite. These are my three that have passed, Teddy a chocolate Labrador in the centre (I named her after Dr Theodor Seuss ), Winne to the left my first Clumber female and Joey to the right. They were my universe.


“Also, I love the drawing and painting of Joey, and the new painting of my current Clumber the irrepressible Emmy Lou!

Emmy Lou

“I have two styles,realistic and whimsy. My favourite artists are Jan Irving, Will Bullas, Erika Oller, Tim Burton, Gerhard Gluck, Michael Sowa, Robert Bateman, Charles Schultz and Theodor Seuss, all the Wyeths.
“I do have greeting cards and giclee prints available. Just contact me at my email or phone number. I am completely available for commissions. Depending on the photo and size, commissions range anywhere from $150.00 to about $350.00. I guarantee my work.
“My favourite resources are the photos of animal provided by my clients.
“My immediate plan is to widen my Clumber family to those of you not in America. To give people the joy of artwork as well as providing more prints to donate to Clumber rescue organizations around the world.

Emmy Lou playing with a Newfoundland friend

“I live alone with my five year old female Clumber Emmy Lou. Emmy just had a reunion with her breeder Bev Davio. Bev and her husband Bob travelled all the way from Toronto, Canada to see her. They are lovely people. The reunion was very touching.”
Lainey Duffy
USA (812) 205-0944


American Cocker

English Cocker
we will have MORE samples of Lainey’s work in the feature in Canine Collectables Courier July 2011