Clumbers are the number one chewers in the dog world, the short jaw and the well developed jaw muscle, and the un-impacted rear teeth combine to achieve this, and like all mammals they like to chew. If it is Clumber proof, it is a GOOD product. I gave Jack a product billed as ‘American Pit Bull’ proof … a rival product to Kong, it took him FIVE MINUTES to seriously damage the toy to state it was then dangerous (small enough to swallow) … Clumbers are good chewers!

So collected here are friends, contacts, and my own recommendations from experience.

everlastingToys – no toy I have come across will endure a day’s mature Clumber chewing, just don’t leave them with a Clumber. The best toy I have had over the year’s came to be me recommended by Robbie Carnegie … the Large Treat Dispensing Chew Ball™ I haven’t tried it with treats thinking that would only encourage destruction. Kongs, and Kong products, are good, but not as good. —– for Australian residents I now can offer you toys that give good value for money — click here

Beds – again most are prone to Clumber to chewing, Kate Mackay has had excellent success with Really Tough Tuffie from Tuffies Dog beds, a UK product.