So you have met the Clumber, if not, look here

So what is a Clumber really like to live with ..

What is the expected behaviour?

well mannered, polite, responsive, non-intrusive

What is their trainability?

excellent if handled with forethought and understanding and not merely treated as an automaton with no minimal intellect

What is their activity level and what exercise and enrichment is required?

activity level: excellent, if fit and healthy, and selectively bred to be so – not extreme, but with super endurance
activity maintenance: good sized day areas so they can poke about, two intensive high run periods in open grassland twice a day, in any weather, but with appropriate action in truly extreme conditions – always live with another one or next to another; or appropriate human – dog one on one interaction if a single dog family

What are the grooming requirements for the companion (non-competition) dog?

I maintain my dogs in show condition throughout life, these are not Poodles or Bichons but working dogs- a thorough comb through and maintenance trimming around feet, ear inspection and tooth inspection and cleaning if required at least every three weeks —monitoring between times and maintenance if required

What is the feeding program (ie what food dry or wet and how many times a day it is fed)?

raw red meat based diet; from twelve months of age, once a day, fed at a level that achieves optimum body condition

What enrichment/exercise do your provide for your dog?

I free exercise my dogs in a safe area twice a day, whatever the weather, and they are housed in pairs, and near each other. The housing allows the dogs to view visitors arriving and departing and bird, wild and farm animals. The dogs living areas are large by ‘kennel’ standards and they are never expected to live in crates. All learn very basic good manners, and each has an opportunity regularly to accompany me in daily life routines including meal making, and social events with friends and their dogs. Puppies undertake an extensive socialization programme from 10 days of age through to 12 months of age.




































This page has been spurred by Delta Society students opting to send around questionnaires rather than actually doing their own research of available literature.