written for the Swedish Clumber Club

Clumbers arrived in Australia in 1883; the first pair imported came directly from the ancestral home of Clumber Park.
Since then, fortunes have been mixed over the decades; but again into this new century, the breed looks to be well established. And there have certainly been a lot more enquiries about Clumbers in the last few months, the latest, at 10pm last night!

Found across Australia, there is a small population of retired show dogs in Queensland and one at least who has begun training for tracking and obedience. In New South Wales, for the first time ever I suspect, there is a strong contingent with the three of the latest DaleEnd litter and two bred by Erinveine being regularly shown, and with many Gundog and higher awards to their credit too. In Victoria, the task has again fallen to Erinveine to ensure the breed is represented at shows throughout the year, and the last three years have been our most succesful yet with a huge hoard of the broad sashes for Gundog and higher wins. In Tasmania, the population is fast aging with none exhibited for two or three years now. In South Australia there are some twenty or so resident, with just one or two making the occasional show ring appearance. In Western Australia there are now four Clumbers in the show ring, although three tend to be part-timers. And now for the first time I know of, we have a Clumber in the Northern Terriority, whose aim is to take over the running of her new household. So we have Clumbers resident in all states, and most states frequently have Clumbers in the show rings.

Across in New Zealand, my information is sketchy, but we have occasional appearances in the show ring of two local champion Erinveines with the promise of two ladies joining their ranks soon, up in the North Island. Down in the South Island it seems there haven’t been any shown for five or more years now.

New Zealand has not registered a litter for many years, while in Australia three to four are generally whelped each year. The main breeder is Erinveine, who have actually claimed the Top Australian & New Zealand breeder award (and also the Top Scoring Clumber in Australia and New Zealand) since 1989. In 2000, Australia had thirty one Clumbers who competed regularly.

Amongst Australasia’s most successful Clumbers in the last couple of years are Western Australia’s Ch Bowhouse Storyteller (Top Australasian Male 1999), Victoria’s Ch Erinveine Jury (Top Australasian Clumber 1999 and 2000), Victoria’s Ch Erinveine Judge (Top Interbreed Clumber 1999) with three Best in Show (all breeds) awards to his credit in 2001 to May this year, New South Wales’ Ch Erinveine Nottingham Lad (Top Interbreed Clumber 2000) with many more interbreed awards to his credit already in 2001, New South Wales’ Ch Daleend Highland Laddie who has claimed several Best in Group awards too, New Zealand’s Ch Erinveine Fellow the first Clumber to take a show award at their premier event: Best Puppy in Show NZ National. =