Review of the pedigree program �Breeding Master�


We have always wanted a powerful and reliable pedigree program that was both relatively easy to learn, with an interface that made it easy to use. After trying several windows based programs I feel we have finally found one.

Breeding Master has everything we have ever wanted in a pedigree software and more. It offers so many layers in the form of tabs, one can easily create a powerful database for each entry.

Breeding Master is available for both the Windows and Mac OS, the latter being a big reason that I wanted to try this program, I am more comfortable with Mac OS and with a 30 day free trial there was nothing to lose.

The program can calculate COI up to 12 generations at the moment and uses the Wright�s Coefficient of Inbreeding formula. Both printable and HTML pedigrees can be created up to 10 generations.

Multiple photos of each entry can be uploaded and stored in the data bank and be viewed at will in the photo section of each individual entry.

Birth dates, registration numbers, health issues, kennel names, titles, show results, contact info of breeders and owners, offspring are automatically filled in as you build the pedigree. You can watch the COI change as you add more dogs. There is also a backup feature that you can use to back up your data.

Customer service is very good answering questions by email within 24 hours.

The list goes on and on so I leave it up to you to explore this program. What do you have to lose? Nothing and you have 30 days to decide if this is the program for you.