I am pleased now to offer Australian residents dog toys that give good value for money … tried and tested by my Clumbers (samples were, not the toys I am offering for sale!) … these are the toys I buy for my Clumbers.

I would offer these through an online facility except freight never works out fairly, so they are listed here so

  • you can place an order,
  • I can check availability,
  • best price I can offer you,
  • and best postage I can offer you,
  • and a discount if you buy 3 or more of the same item
  • So much for the internet age, back to relying on a person or two to get the best value!

I can source the other sizes too, even other Kong models, they aren’t listed here as I don’t have freight weights and sizes for them so would need a firm order to get them in stock, then I can get you the best delivery price.