I usually hatch in September/October/November so new seasons birds are generally available March. March is when we start to do our cull, the house cull requires 12 birds, then any birds left over from stock I have chosen to run on for breeding will be available (6 pullets will always be run on, and two or three cockerels also)
use this form to receive notice of birds for sale or other Dorking news I may have

occasionally an older bird may be available you can contact me direct or rely on the general notification service,
or if you are lucky I may even list the birds here

What’s available (25th October 2014)

  • 2013 pullets (all premium quality have been sold)
  • 2012 hens (only one or two left)
  • possibly 2013 cockerel – on offer, but holding time is nearly over
  • 2012 male one only

contact me now

prices – typical prices are

  • cockerel/cock AUD$50-
  • pullet AUD$30-
  • hen AUD$20-

personal collection only;
if you do need to arrange shipping try Kay at Premier Pet Trasnport 0419 566 895 welshk9s@bigpond.net.au

I do not offer or sell eggs