The three month periods roll around so fast, particularly in summer months, here we are again! I haven’t started but am seriously musing over the first edition of the printed version, so if you have a favourite story let me know, or it may not get into the book!

On books, we are now at the end of Barbara Irving’s 5Cs, so that too will go into production for a printed version – hmmm, where is the time going to come from?

I haven’t relied too heavily on contributors this issue as I knew I had the article on COI lingering, it is in this issue. And I have also had grand fun doing the See How They Grow. I will continue to do short articles like this last, and they will form the basis of an independent series of books on Clumber that will appear from time to time – so any suggestions or requests are welcome!

I see I have another article lingering in the wings, watch for it in an upcoming issue: HOW THE WORLD VIEWS THE CLUMBER – WHERE THERE IS SMOKE, IS THERE FIRE? DO WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING NOW TO PRESERVE THIS GALLANT BREED?, any comments, please shoot them to me!

But what probably has been the most fun, is the response from Facebook users for photos, see the first installment this issue. I had planned to offer competitions for photos, artwork, and stories, but just haven’t found the time to set up a safe (and for subscribers a free) portal – so the Facebook group experiment has been a great reward! I will continue to consider the competitions and advise when they are operational.

As it has worked out this issue, there are only a small selection of stories on free/open access, but sub rates are only AUD$20 a year.

Remember this magazine is about CLUMBERS so if you have an story to tell or pic to share, contact us!

Happy Clumbering