This question is excellent, and one I know I have asked myself – best advice I can give from personal experience, is watch your dog in a free exercise area, decide which pace suits him best. I have a dog here in transit for a month, if he goes at my ‘normal fast’ pace them his hind legs rotate like a mix master as he goes away, but does not do this at a brisk walk – side view no issues any speed. So I am going to tell his new owner a brisk smart walk, if he is savvy & adaptable, then to walk smartly away from the judge and as they turn step up a gear.

Viewed from above it is VERY hard to know what the feet are doing, asking for the audience’s comments is misleading (remember they are outside the ring, the judge is inside & stands a lot closer), getting someone else to gait the dog hardly helps, free exercise or getting someone to video him over various speeds is the most enlightening

Also you need to consider “finish” or ring finesse – as I approach any corner I ask the dog to ‘steady’ which I use to indicate a slowing of pace for a corner or a free stand/stop – by easing the pace & length of stride the dog can do much sharper (and neater) corners without jostling and bouncing (or falling over), on corners even as sharp as in a triangle. Likewise I usually take a step or 1.5 steps at a walk before ‘breaking’ into the gaiting stride. =