Anyone who has ever ‘lost’ a Clumber is asked to complete the new Longevity study, conducted by the Clumber Spaniel Health Foundation, it is short and sweet and allows for memories on dates etc

Remember the more information that CSHF can collate on the breed, the better the information quality that is available to breeders, and good breeders will use this general information to improve their next generations – it helps the Clumber Spaniel breed!  Please contribute, and do it now, while the link is easily found!!! It is a worldwide survey, so what other excuse do you have now not to contribute????

——————– No individual dogs or owners will be identified in any reports generated from this data. ————————

NO, like ALL breeders, I only have access to the general information, but I can’t imagine you have any need to not freely and openly contribute.

ps: Live dogs can be entered into the longevity study too 🙂