For five months I have been the owner of an Ipad Mini – have to say it is much more intuitive (easy to guess at and use!) than an Acer I bought two years earlier, so I am now game to poke around a bit.

The Ipad is mainly for quick web surfing, reading some of the classics as PDF files, but then there is the camera. And what a boon that proved to be today. I looked at my scanner, thought, hmm, I did move my computer and now the cable doesn’t reach, ahh well I will photograph the two things I need samples of for the article.

I find the Ipad camera (no doubt because of the screen size) a lot easier to use than a phone camera, and it was very simple to upload the chosen photos to the computer, and so onto the website – I like easy!

I just followed the instructions at, well, I did have to push the USB cable in further for the connection to register, but everything else went beautifully, and the quality is very nice – after all these pics are literal snapshots of the serviettes laid out on my bedspread!

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