Here is a quick sample on improving the image.

The first photo shows a show practice class and free standing, the handler is standing in front and allowing the dog to just stand naturally but smartly. A novice dog, he is lifting his head too high, so the lay of his shoulder and

length of neck is masked, and he has to dip his topline to look at his handler’s right hand which is about neck height, overall not a very comfortable pose and he will move shortly from it.


This is the same dog just free standing on his own – and looking at something, this is what you want to achieve, poise, balance, alertness, without trying out new and undocumented yoga positions for your dog. From the first photo to this, you can achieve this by lowering the dog’s point of focus, either have him refocus on another part of you (say your thigh) or bring your hand and the bait down towards the ground, I would guess about mid thigh level.

Special thanks to
The photographer Naiza Woodlief
Owners Paul & Sally H. Day and John & Naiza Woodlief
and Star Pupil King’s Hammer of The Gods (Argus)