Over the years I have used Zencart, problems galore if I didn’t keep it up todate, thanks to the ‘clever’ but extremely painful hackers.

So I moved to WordPress and Woocommerce, which was OK but clunky and while, as it is a necessity for my selling of books to have freight calculated by weight Woothemes do have a premium (you pay for) extension which I had sort of come to terms with on a lifetime licence they have since migrated to a yearly fee that I was unlikely to actually recoup as I sold off the secondhand book collection. And then, anyway,  I had a WordPress issue, thanks to a very popular plugin (it was up to date) not being secure, and a really talented hacker caused ongoing and evolving problems.

So now my store (2014-15) was hosted by the lovely folk at Ezimerchant in a dedicated environment and as a buyer you still have the great security and peace of mind by paying via Paypal, not everyone’s favourite, but they have worked well for me over many many years.

September 2015, alas, Ezimerchant have changed their model, and it no longer suits me, back to Paypal buttons!

Update (Dec 2015), after MUCH research I am now using Ecwid … first 10 products free, and really easy to use to date!