This is an excellent introduction to the showing and even the obedience dog world in the USA, as the subtitle says, ‘A Spectator’s Guide to the Understanding and Enjoyment of Dog Shows!’ Published 2003

This is a beautifully produced soft cover primer for the new visitor to the world of dog showing. Written by groomer and business owner Sam Kohl, he has used the extensive resources of the American Kennel Club Library to produce a useful book.

144 pages, 23 photos, and 221 drawings

While it is dented by one or two Disneyisms, things that aren’t quite presented as they should be through lack of intimate knowledge of the subject, it still presents the bulk of the information in a useful and light read.

Kohl focuses on show dogs but also touches base with the obedience world.

Kohl may not be from the world of show dogs, but nor are new visitors, so the slant of his presentation is useful and should be adopt by any nation that wishes to entice more new exhibitors and supporters to this sport.

Strongly recommended for someone who has visited or is about to visit a dog show in America, particularly if you aren’t familiar with the concept and ideas of showing dogs anywhere else. It is a light, informative, and rather fun read.