from THE DOG ATE MY HOMEWORK by Jan Irving (2015)
Reader level: average plus
Review of content/advice: It is delightful to have available a single book that covers the current scientific investigation into dog play. There is a lot of science ‘speak’, but still the books is very readable, and the photos are adorable and very appropriate. This is not a training book, it does offer a few excellent suggestions, it is forte is helping you articulate what you already see in play, a happy dog that is learning. Originally published in German, the translation is beautiful, and the author introduced me to many excellent studies in German.
Do I suggest you buy it? Yes
Table of Contents:
Part 1 Play-Seriousness-Reality
1 What is Play?
2 What Does Play Feel Like?
Part 2 Dog Play
3 Solitary Play
4 Social Play
5 Puppies at Play
Part 3 Play Communication
6 Attention and Play-Soliciting Signals
7 Forms of Play Among Dogs
Part 4 Factors influencing Play
8 The Roles of Stress, Age, Gender, Social Structure, and Breed Type in Play
Part 5 Why Do Dogs Ray?
9 The Benefits of Dog Play
Part 6 Playing Dogs in Focus and Action
10 Play Partners and Risks
Part 7 The Window to the Dog-Human Relationship
11 How Do Humans Play With Their Dogs?