The Canine Coat Care video series produced by AMP Productions started in 1996 with the initial aim to satisfy the show exhibitor market but was soon expanded to include the pet groomer and owner market. They now have an extensive DVD library catering for a number of breeds. This title is a general grooming introduction of value particularly to a new owner, or even an asset if you are yet to decide which breed you want to adopt.

The pace of the video is measured and pleasant, occasionally the camera misses the commentator’s point, but still it is easy to follow.

The depth of information is basic but sound, but as mentioned, a lot of information is covered in the 70 or so minutes.

The information on the cover promises a lot:
– introducing a puppy to grooming
– dealing with coat types, double & single, harsh to silky to smooth
– teeth and ear cleaning
– nail clipping
– stain removal
– hand stripping
– knife stripping
– clippering
– scissoring
– bathing and drying
– tools and how to use them
and it delivers!

The core presenters are Sue Davidson a world renowned groomer (and what a lovely lady she is!) and AMP Productions own Annette Penny, but there are cuts to several others, names exhibitors will know, all with great video footage showing you how these experienced people work.

A little more information on tools could have been added, but even so, a number were discussed and demonstrated, and as such the DVD probably has enough information for the novice to intermediate level groomer.

This is an exceptional video for any newcomer to dogs, someone wanting to make their final decision about the breed they want, and an excellent revision lesson for experienced owners, and a brilliant reference in case someone asks you to groom their dog and it is not a breed you have groomed before!

The DVDs are available in PAL or NTSC format.