Bryant consulted me a few times on Antipodean kennel names, caught me out on a couple I had forgotten too – this is a most through collection. I wasn’t enthralled with the idea of a book, but it is a worthy project, and I was delighted with the book when it was published! I felt a simply listing could be a bit mundane and of interest to the real fanatic only, but this isn’t a book that just lists prefixes! The bulk of the book does list kennel names, by country, by era, but you need this book for the section entitled What’s In A Name? Well, wouldn’t you be surprised, and the text is a breeze and delight to read, and the suppositions are very well supported by examples.

This is a slim volume of 70 pages but a highly valuable one – Bryant consulted dozens of Clumber folk across the world, and the cover features a slate slab he purchased at a Club Specialty many years ago, the back cover his own crew of six in the early 1970s.

Available from the CSCA for US$12-; check it out(and their other great fund raising items) at