John and Jenny had a wonderful companion in Marley. They had accomplished trust, love, and loyalty with him. What they didn’t accomplish was respect, however, and respect is an essential ingredient in the structure of any healthy pack. When students don’t respect the teacher, a school class doesn’t learn. A military unit cannot function at is best when the soldiers do not respect their commander. Parents cannot properly guide their children if the kids do not respect them. In the same way, your dog will not feel safe and calm and stable if he does not respect you as pack leader.(Cesar Millan – BE THE PACK LEADER [2007])

“I have never ridden such a remarkable horse. When she goes into a fast trot her action is as smooth as if she were on wheels and running along rails!” attributed to General Pongracz (Alois Podhajsky – MY DANCING WHITES HORSES [1964])

Showmanship for show dogs is important even though it is beyond the scope of a written standard. (Vicki Ronchette – POSITIVE TRAINING FOR SHOW DOGS [2008])

Dogs are obsessed with being happy.(James Thurber – [0])