Jan Irving’s Purebred Arabians was established in 1999 with the purchase of Regency Park Saadia from Debbie Yeo (Nar Nar Goon, Victoria).

Prior to Ash Wednesday, my parents Barbara and David Irving had owned and bred from a number of Part Bred Arabs, in fact killed in the bushfires of 1983 were the stallion Stampede PS 1059, and the mares Annie PF 1883 (by Goldeye) and Zarah PF 1315 (by Basrah). Previously sold, was PS1757 ERINRAC DUDLEY





25th November 1994 – 1st April 2007 heart attack probably due to cancer

strain: A Kehaileh Ajuz

star of cor ins 1/3 past beh ins oh 1/4 fet 1/2 fet beh

RP conj over T nsh
1 over 4 osh

blood type 305392

she has foaled twice

1. Festivaar bred by Debbie Yeo by Shaartaj (killed as a result of a farm accident)
2. Erinrac Zephyr bred by me, by Maneefa S18621




13th November 2001 – 2011 (died caught in a fence)


strain: A Kehaileh Ajuz

star nf cor 3/4 past fr 1/4 fet beh

ERIN over RAC nsh
1 over 1 osh

not bred