The Kennel Club All Age Stake Any Variety Spaniel Except Spaniel (cocker) and Springer Spaniels (English Springer) Field Trial Friday October 7th 2011

On a bright and breezy morning at Hartham Park Chippenham, twelve would be dog handlers meet to take part in the Kennel Club Field Trial for minor breeds. A total of two Sussex Spaniels and ten Clumber Spaniels had arrived to do battle on this wonderful Estate.
After a very warm welcome from Nigel Dear the Chief Steward from the Kennel Club he introduced the two judges for the day Mr Victor McDevitt and Mr David Woods


The Estate Game Keeper Glyn Smith then gave the plan for the day along with the Health and Safety brief and then introduced the Guns for the Day.

At 0930hrs we all got into the Estate Beaters Wagon and moved off to the start of the first run which turned out to be in a wood with lots of cover for the birds on the ground. The first two to go were Debbie Zurick with Sedgehurst Tempest and Val Maskell with Coedcollen Snow of Mervalyn.



Within a matter of yards Debbie put up a number of birds and this gave everyone an insight into what the day was going to be like. As each handler and dog took their place in line it became very clear by the number of birds on the ground in each area we moved through it was going to be a challenging day for both handler and dog.
By early afternoon everyone had finished their runs and we returned to the Shoot Barn for a late lunch and to receive the results of the Trial.

The whole day had been very challenging for all handlers and dogs and a lot had been learnt by all taking part.

Special thanks has to go to Glyn Smith for letting the minor breeds use the estate for its Field Trial and we look forward to next year and hopefully with a larger number of people taking part.

The result and congratulations to the winners were as follows
First Place�����Ron James with Laxford Floyd
Winning the Kennel Club Glass Loving Cup.

Second Place��Val Maskell with Coedcollen Snow of Mervalyn
Third Place���Debbie Zurick with Sedgehurst Tempest
Guns Choice���Ron James with Laxford Edge


The Winners