The Working Clumber Spaniel Society All Age Stake Any Variety Spaniel Except Spaniel (Cocker) and Springer Spaniels (English Springer). Field Trial Wednesday November 23rd 2011

The November weather was being very kind to us when the nine Clumbers and two Sussex Spaniels and their handlers met at Faccombe village hall in the pictures countryside of Hampshire for the last time this year for a minor breed�s field trial to be held on the Faccombe Estate.

After the introductions of the judges, Mr Andy Robinson and Mrs Christine Bridgewater along with the guns and estate staff we all boarded the best beater’s trailer I have seen in years and moved off to the ground we were going to use for the day.

The ground that we were going to use was a wooded area with ferns and small amounts of brambles leading on to a small area of pine trees and then back to brambles and ferns. Having all got into place the first to go were Ron James with Laxford Floyd and Chris Raper with Sedgehurst Edgar. It soon became apparent that there were going to be a good number of birds in this area but not as many as we had experienced on other trials this year. This was very good for both dogs and handlers as it gave everyone the opportunity to hunt their dog for a good time before flushing a bird.

The trial was over by mid-day and we returned back to the village hall for lunch and tea and coffee yet again provide by the estate staff.

This field trial had been the best run that I have taken part in since starting out two years ago and a special thank you must go to all the estate staff from the tractor driver, Stops, game carries and Game Keeper for a very professionally run trial. I very much hope that we get the opportunity to return again next year.

After we had had lunch the results were awarded as follows,
Second Place���Bill Cadwell with Jubilwell Malteaeer (Sussex).
Guns Choice����Ron James with Laxford Edge. (Clumber).

Mr Andy Robinson then gave the judges’ views on the day. He also thanked the estate staff for a very well-run trial over ground that was very suitable for spaniels. The judges felt that some of the dogs taking part had not done the ground justice and a bit more work with some of them was needed.

With a final word for Bill Cadwell on behalf of the handlers and dogs taking part we said our good byes and all look forward to the next trailing season for the minor breeds.

This has been my second season at taking part in Field Trials and I have had a wonderful time along with very good company each time. Having started two years ago with a lot of apprehension I have read a lot about trailing in the shooting press I now look forward to each trial coming around. If you have been thinking of having a go then do, there is no pressure and it is fun. Hopefully there will be some training weekends during the coming summer to guide people into what to expect when trailing. The training that was given by Dave Kent and hosted by Ian and Jackie Crawford has made a big difference to me taking part and a massive thank you must go to them.

I look forward to hopefully seeing some new faces at any training them is set up and at next seasons trailing.